The Social Network

Are you guys familiar with Facebook?
Wait, that is a really dumb question to ask.
Are any of you NOT on Facebook ?

DKNY Jeans · Fresco top · Bass flats · Red bag Nicole Lee

Last night a couple of friends and I went to the movies to watch:
Yes, I know I AM a little late...
Had it not been for the free tickets I do not think it would have 
been a movie I would have chosen as the topic did not interest me.
The film was entertaining but not award winning. 
However I have to admit that FB impact is huge.
In summary for me the movie reminded me of:

How amazing it is that one idea can change the world.
This leads me to think there is still hope and reminds me that 
not everything has been done.

On the human aspect, it just showed that
however advanced we may be in science and technology
we are raw humans that need to evolve.
Screwing people over is just not on my list.

So, are you on FB ? 


KATHY said...

Buenas tardes Lore!!!

ahhhh que elegante que estas!!! y la carita animada...besosssss

Anonymous said...

I am totally on FB!
Having said that, I want to explain myself a bit more. I only use it to communicate with friends who live all over the world. However some people might go a bit overboard with it. I don't like it.

Biba said...

I am. But I,too, use it for communication purposes only.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been on for years. It was pretty fun until my MIL wanted to be my friend. That sort of wrecked the whole thing for me. ;)

LyddieGal said...

I haven't seen the social network yet either. It's on my netflix queue, so whenever it eventually comes up...

I am on FB, but I don't often go on. It has been evolving a lot, and I feel like the original users (the college students) sort of got left in the dust. My sister in highschool goes on rants about someone having "inboxed" her (sent her a PM through FB) My mother is on all the time reconnecting with old highschool friends, and she likes to rant about people who would dare friend her and NOT even write her a message.

But I'd rather email my friends, and not have to deal with declining 20 million requests to join farmville.

Sheila said...

I am not on Facebook and have no plans to be. I have enough of an online presence with my blog (which I'm pretty public about with people that I meet), but email is enough for me to communicate or plan things with friends - I just don't need to be in touch the way Facebook is set up.

I don't even have a cell phone!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

That is a Beautiful top. I am on facebook but I don't use it very often.

drollgirl said...

i will be watching this movie over the weekend.

i lOATHE facebook. i cannot stand it. but i want to see the movie just to have the background story on the smarties that came up with the concept.

have a good weekend!

Paperlicious Girl said...

I am on facebook~but it has been to communicate with old friends and family out of state! I love being able to catch up with people I normally wouldn't be able to~but I am not on there everyday or even every week~I definitely limit my time!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yes the placemats are available and are $12 without shipping! Thank you!!!

Cosmic said...

Love your ethnic print silk? top(elegant, feminine and demure:)BTW I managed to close my FB account in 2009.

十十f十 said...

hi Lorena, thanks for stopping by! i enjoyed this post. i've yet to watch the movie and i'm on FB. fact, i even have two... i hardly participate in any of those games and features on FB. i started the second one only as an additional way to reach out to more people for my online shop. i should measure its effectiveness... eBay's already doing quite a good job. i've asked myself if this is sustainable (just like i wondered if i'd keep blogging). why can't i just link the online shop to just one FB account? i have issues about privacy. yet my blog's open to all. less than a handful of friends know about my blog. i contradict myself alot, i know.

Anonymous said...

i am a a facebookerS! :P
i kinda like da movie.. i find the dialog is soo rich... but yes its little bit boring in the beginning ..