Out to Dinner

I have a very high appreciation of old buildings.
Old structures, old appliances, old trinkets.
It has nothing to do with monetary value, 
it's mostly craftsmanship.
Fresca top · JL Bean shorts · Nine West Wedges · Nicole lee bag 
So, it was a real treat to visit an old building recently 
renovated as a hotel.
We went for dinner at their new restaurant.
We were lucky to get a table without a reservation.
Even though the food was not the best, 
(we rated it 5 out of 10) - we enjoyed what came after.
Let me rephrase that, as it was not dessert, that was rated 3 out of 10.
What I mean is after dinner we visited the hotel.
We were were showed the hotel's installations, or at
least the part that is open as renovations continue.
It was simply beautiful.

Beginning with the hand painted floor tiles, 

the chandelier, 

 the details on the wood carvings, 

even the stairs...
 that reminded me how much out of shape I am !

 I really enjoyed this visit and was even allowed to peek at
one of the rooms...

This hotel makes me want to go on vacation.



KATHY said...

Buenas tardes Lore..que lindas fotos q tomastes!!! ame !!!
las uñas claritas???


Delane said...

I love big fluffy beds like that..Makes me want to sleep in late.

Sheila said...

I love those little details like the wood carving. Old buildings are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

nice building...
n ur top's pattern is like batik.