Day to Night...

So, I had my bridesmaids meeting last night.
It was so hot I just took my trousers off and went
on to the restaurant where we were to meet.

Ahhh, free at last!

Oh and the bridesmaids meeting was SO MUCH FUN !
All the other girls had an amazing vibe and
I can only look forward to the bachelorette party.

I had been looking forward to choosing one of the 
strapless dresses.
Happens the groom does not want any of the maids in
strapless because the bride's gown is strapless.

So my choices were pretty much down to this:

And... thank you for your comments on this subject yesterday.
Now, I feel a lot more comfortable and at ease :9


Iris said...

I think either of the bridesmaid dresses would be really flattering!

Bombshellicious said...

I can only see one sadly but I am sure either will both look lovely xx

Anonymous said...

I like the top of the blue dress and the bottom of the white one :D However both look very nice and I'm sure you'll be beautiful in any of these. Colour purple is great too. Can't wait to see the final result!
I hope you have the water at your home already.