Dentist Wednesday

It's that time of the year...
Dentist time !
I love going to the dentist, most of the time 
I just fall asleep on the chair.
Banana Republic trousers · Pink Tangerine wrap top · Pink tank · Aerosoles shoes
Honestly speaking looking at these pictures I am not quite
happy with this outfit.

This wrap shirt has a brain of its own as it does not stay
in place and the more I look at it, the less flattering I find it.
I will be doing my closet edit for January soon, it may just end up
in that pile !


Iris said...

I wish I could be so relaxed at the dentist!

KATHY said...

hola lore..desculpe mi que estoy con el fashion rio

como siempre...lindos accesorios

The Suburb Experiment said...

I fall asleep too!! I think your blouse looks pretty but if you have to keep messing with it all day, well yeah, it might be time to say goodbye.

LyddieGal said...

seriously? you can sleep?? i'm far too stressed and uncomfortable in that chair to even unclench my fingers.

ana said...

Te ves guapísima! la blusa es preciosa!! como te puede gustar ir al dentista?! jaja y quedarte dorminda!? eres lo máximo!
un abrazo

Sheila said...

Really?? I loathe going to the dentist - it is always painful and uncomfortable for me (I have major issues with calculus/scale). I had a lot of dental work when I was a teen (I knocked out my front teeth), so I really hav bad associations with going to the dentist.

Anonymous said...

oh it's so annoying when the clothes live the lives of their own and you have to fix them all the time. Although it's a shame that your blouse is so stubborn, as it looks really pretty.

I have awful stories to tell about my experience with various dentists, but I'll skip them today. Last time I visited dentist I was so horrified ( at the age of... 23!) I had a nurse holding my head and three injections for just one tooth. How can you fall asleep???? :D