The last day of 2011

If it´s the last day of 2011 - 
it can only mean we are hours away from a new year.
Volar dress - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction - Jean flats Exclusive!

We tend to make resolutions on this day,
make lists and plans for the next year.

I shy away from these things, mostly because I don´t want to be 
disappointed at what I did not accomplish.

However, this last day of 2011 I'd like to forget...

There are 5 things worth forgetting for 2012:
1. Offenses
2. Lies
3. Betrayals
4. Rudeness
5. Imprudence
Remember that you will not be hurt by those who want to hurt you.
But, by those who you allow to hurt you.

May 2012 be an honest year for you and I.

Shallow busy

I have been busy on my vacation days.
Levis Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia top -
Yellow bag Arena Milano - Beige flats Zapatinho de Luxo
Shallow busy as going to two different Zaras
looking for blue suede mocassins.
(btw I didn't find them)

Isn't that what vacations are for ?


Don´t worry this post does not have a link to a video
where you hear me sing.
Actually, I can´t sing.

Mossimo ripped jeans - Arena Milano yellow bag - Purple top Speechless - beige wedges

The SINGER I refer to in the post tittle is a sewing machine.
A Singer sewing machine that use to be my great grandmother´s,
then my grandfather´s and now mine.

Since I am on vacation I have been doing some stuff I had pending.
One of them was find an experienced repairman who could
 take a look at my Singer model 216.

Here, anything old that does not work is considered trash and thrown away,
so finding a repair man for old sewing machines, victrolas and such is difficult. 
However, to my own surprise, I did find someone to look
at my Singer 216: an 80 year old retired Singer specialist called Julian Marquez,
whom I spent half of my day with.
While he is not finished yet with my sewing machine,
I have high hopes.

Maybe after it's working, I can fix my torn jeans :)


I have a lot of vacation days
that need to be used up.

Talbots jeans - Carole Little white blouse - Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag -
Nine West gold flats- Hourglass pendant  

When I say a lot, it`s more like almost 70 days.

So, I have some time on my hands.

Get it ? "time on my hands"....

So, I am taking a a few days off work.

It feels so good to have "nothing" to do -
well, actually I have been quite busy.


As you know this is a season of giving.
Giving gifts.
Gifts that you may like - or not.

Brown Rafaella capri trousers - Brown Coach wedges - Energie white top - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction

The question is what do you dou with those gifts you don't like ?
Choose between below options:
1. Do you run out to exchange them ?
2. Do you regift ?
3. Do you use them even if you don't like them that much ?
4. Others.

In my case, I use to be 100% number 3:
Use them even if I did not love them.
This is for all gifts received for Christmas, birthdays or any other ocassion.
I felt it was rude and non appropriate to return or pass on a gift.
I would usually wear it anyways and also would try to wear it
if you were the gifter and you were around as a way of
 reinforcing that I did like it.

Antiqued Gold crackle nail polish by Sally Hansen worn over black nail polish.

And that is the story of how I ended up with ill fitting garments in my closet.
Many of which I am getting the guts to get rid off now.

These days I am more number one and two:
I exchange and regift totally guilt free.

Let me tell you, its totally liberating...

SO, tell me - how about you ?


I met with friends today and
for a moment forgot about everything
and was totally relaxed...

I guess it shows.

Black and white Wild Girl trousers - Da Moda black tank top - Michael Kors bag -
Michael Kors zipper flats - Chair pendant Forever 21
I'm wearing the same clothes as they day before !

December Editing

Even though its a crazy month, there is always time for a closet edit.
If you take a quick glance at your closet you will always find something that needs to go... like these:
Calvin Klein grey, cream and black wedges: Not comfortable and they're scuffed.

Christian Siriano for Payless brown heels: the thin brown material began to peel off and then the sole came apart from the shoe. It is a true shame because these shoes are awesome.
Well, were awesome.

I also let go of my white sandals by Ettiene Aigner.
I remember when I got these about 5 years ago in Virginia.
At first I felt a little like a nurse in white shoes and then they grew on me and I got a lot of wear out of them until I decided that they were scuffed and I really don't wear them anymore.

I also let go of 2 black bags..
My Roberto Cavalli bag: it began to fall apart.
Black patent bag from Neiman Marcus: it was overworked and the bottom was scuffed.

Grey black Croquet Club capris / pedal pushers: Cut me off in the wrong place
and I have only worn them twice in almost 3 years.

Nathalie B. pink striped capri / pedal pusher blazer suit.
There are several reasons I am letting go of this suit:
1. The bottom is low cut.
2. They hit my leg in an odd place - I already had them altered and
they still didn't work.
3. The stitching on the back of the blazer stretched and then tore. 
4. Only worn twice in almost 3 years.

My colorful animal print also took a hike.
Worn once in three years, makes no sense to keep this 
Essentials by Milano top.
Certainly hope that someone can get a lot more wear from it !

My white button down shirt  by Ketchup.
I adore this shirt, have worn in on the blog at least six times.
But keeping whites white is not simple and this white
button down is no exception.
The collar area seemed to be stained, I am guessing from perfume...
so and I am just letting go.

Also worn about 6 times on this blog, is my Luciano Dante bow top.
It's another item I also love but the fabric has thinned out and the
elastic at the waist has lost its grip - so off it goes.

 So, how about you ?
Have you done any closet edits in December ?

Christmas Day

Imagine going into a toy store on the morning of
December 24th...
Printed trousers Wild Girl - Black tank Da Moda -
White sandals Etienne Aigner - Michael Kors black tote

That's how late I was with my shopping however...
I made it out alive for Christmas Eve.
Forever 21 blue lace dress - blue shoes Dani Black - Yellow bag Suzie Lee 

Happy Holidays !

Too much ?

A few weeks ago I was in line at the store waiting for 
the cashier to ring up a pair of shoes.
Standing in front of me was this good looking 
woman talking on her cel phone.
Talbot jeans - Ketchup white button down shirt - Vest Bluenotes - Franco Sarto red studded flats -
Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag
As I patiently waited for my turn, I look at her
and all my eyes catch are brand names.
This pretty woman was like a Christmas tree 
that had brands hanging on her branches !
She was standing tall in 
a pair of Jimmy Choos, Tory Burch sunglasses 
and carrying a Pandora paperbag.

With her arm bearing Tiffany bracelet she searched inside 
her Salvatore Ferragamo bag and pulled out a Tory Burch wallet.

AND that is only what I could read that was branded.
Yes, I am nosy, get over that, but, 
 just how much is too much when it comes to 
wearing so many branded items together ?

Christmas wish list

once again 
that time of the 
year: Christmas.
Although the real meaning of 
it is not the gifts - well, in our materialistic 
 society it's one of the first things we think of.
And in that train of thought here's my list of
gifts, goodies I could not live without and which 
I look forward to finding under my non existent tree.

1. Justin Bieber toothbrush.

2. The Carolina Herrera pacifier and pacifier leather case.
Yes, I am one classy baby.

Image from K magazine

3. A good cookie recipe BUT most important a Fetus Cookie Cutter.
I don't think I could eat them but I could bake away... forever !

Product Via

4. An elegant perfume - the smell of "class" in a bottle.
Look no further: Snooki and JWOWW, my dream come true.

Snooki perfume image via 

5. The Ugly Christmas sweater.
No Christmas would be the same without it.

Image via 
6. MANFRIEND via Etsy
For those lonely moments when I need a manfriend to talk to.
Funny thing, his name is Ray.

Now, seriously....

I'd like to know what is on your wish list this year ?


Nails have become a form of expression 
that cannot be ignored.
I love having nails that stand out.

So when I came across Sally Hansen's Crackle overcoat in 
Antiqued Gold for about 8.00 USD at CVS, 
well I knew I had to buy it -and I did.

Happens I had seen the crackled polishes in many blogs and
magazines including InSTYLE and I had to try it.

I was going to go black - but then the cheery red of the 
season came over me and I ended up with Golden Santa nails.

Plus, its so simple: a coat or two of your favorite polish. Let dry for about 2 minutes and just add one thick coat of Crackle overcoat. That's it !

I love the fact that this Crackle Overcoat dries fast.
You can have salon looking nails with very little effort and combinations 
are endless !

So, have you crackled ?


What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head
of how it's supposed to be.

Colorful animal print top Essentials by Milano - Style & Co. brown jeans -
Christian Siriano for Payless brown heels - Purple Kenneth Cole Reaction bag 

Then comes another question:
How is it supposed to be ?
According to who ?