Upholestered Living Room Part 2

A few weeks back I posted a picture of what my living room 
sofas looked like before and after they were professionally upholstered.
The first time I posted about this, the idea of adding colorful cushions came up and as you can see I listened and added some color.
Then, I asked for suggestions on anything 
else I could do 
to improve the area.
One of the suggestions was from Delane at Euphoric Agony she commented on the white tables being kind of tiny and that maybe I should work in getting the leather bench in the middle and putting trays and using it as a table.
Here it is...
Needless to say, I have already began receiving compliments !

Close up of items on the tray: Painted shoe horn (Uruguay), 
Pharmacy jar (Peru), plant pot from IKEA, flowers dried up by me.
There is still a lot of work to be done at home, but the living room seems like a good place to start.


Taylor said...

Wow, this looks GREAT. What an awesome addition!

Delane said...

LOVE IT!!! It looks great. I love the foot too. I love collecting things from travels to display.

I was just driving back from shopping with a friend and we were talking about how great it is buy things like jewelry and art on vacation. Not only do you get to look at something visually great, you get the memories that come with it.

kanishk said...

What an awesome addition!!!!!!
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Bombshellicious said...

Looks great xx