After the Upholster

Last September, 
after almost 7 years we decided to upholster our living room sofas.
They get a lot of sunlight as I do not have curtains so they were no longer blue but kind of turning purple.  


After they were changed to this shade I was a little jiffy about it.
I had mentioned then that I need to get some cushions, which I finally did..

I usually move the pillows around, as I do the furniture.
Most of the time I have just brown, gray and that shade of bright lime together. But, for the pictures I did otherwise.
Now that I look at the pictures, the pillows look kind of frumpy.
I know I drive my H crazy sometimes when I start rearranging furniture.
One of the reasons we bought this set was because I felt I could change it around and around and have different "looks".
They are really light, so I don't even need his help I just push them around.
Another thing that we changed were the sofas' legs. 
They use to be metal, they are now wood.
We changed them because the metal had rusted as we live close to the ocean.
Stainless steel is a myth here, it rusts.
My home is not close to being finished, anyways I think that trying to decorate it is just something that is endless.

So what do you think ? 
Would you have chosen a different color to upholster, for the legs, for the cushions ?


Jane W. said...

I love the new look!!!

Delane said...

I like the beige. Then again, my house is a range of beige with a few celery green accents. My power color room is the guest bathroom which is celery.

The white tables might be a bit small to scale, but the leather bench might make a nice coffee table with a tray on it.

Looks great!

Allison Parker said...

I love it Lorena, did you upholster it yourself or you hired someone? They look so posh!

B a la Moda said...

I think you did very good by changing the color. It definitely gives more light to the room. The yellow cushions are a spark of color that I like too.

B* a la Moda

Kristen said...

Oooooh, love it!

And now you can change it up with new pillows when they fade in the sun. Much cheaper than having the whole thing re-upholstered!