Family Sacrifices . . .

I have already ranted about my H's sister and how odd her behavior is.
When I ranted about that, it was very comforting to receive your comments and hear that you also have similar situations. It made me feel not alone and not like I was the crazy one.
Well, on Friday night my H got a call from his sister's boyfriend/mate/live with partner who invited us to their house for a BBQ on Sunday.
We then learned they bought a house, apparently since December.
Anyways after talking about why SHE did not call my H - it's her brother - we decided to go.
It's so difficult to deal with unstable people ... we took a cake, she was extremely nice - so uncommonly nice that deep inside I felt hypocrisy. 
I am guessing that she wanted to show off her house, which was very nice indeed.
Here's what I wore:
-Black jumper Target
- Brown leather belt (Morocco souk)
- Brown suede peep toe Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes
- Brown and turquoise wood bracelets
- Straw, fabric and leather tote (souk in Morocco)
Sorry for the crappy pictures, I have misplaced/lost the charger to my Nokia cel phone - which I take my pictures with... which is also the reason I have no Saturday pics :(


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Sorry to hear about your family troubles but they say you can choose your friends but not your family!
Love the outfit.

Brittany D'Lynne said...

When did you buy that jumper from Target? I Love it!