I't not on Backwards !

Really guys, my top in not on backwards, although it may seem... 

- Brown trousers GAP
- Black tank top
- Red top DC Shoes (buttons on back)
- Brown suede peep toe flats Kenneth Cole  Reaction
- Vuitton bag (fake)
- Silver earrings (gift from husband, somewhere in Madrid)
- Many of my silver necklaces

This week I took it to make it my silver necklaces week. 
I have not worn these in ages, so I started piling them up
and it's pretty much what I have worn all week.


Meli22 said...

the colors of that top are really great on you :) Love!

Brittany D'Lynne said...

What an interesting top!

Elaine said...

That's awesome! I never considered putting my cardigan on backwards...


Elaine said...

What???? So it's supposed to be like that?? No way.... Really?? I'm still flabbergasted!!!