On line Love...

Last night I met with a friend and her husband for dinner.
They returen to Spain today and I had not seen them for a while.
When she and I worked together, they met through the internet, she was 50+  then and had been committed to raising her only child (now 30 and married).
Now, she lives in Girona they have been married for about 6 years.
I am so happy when I see them together because they both were given a second chance at sharing their life with someone else and being happy!
I wore:
- Jeans Levis 1974 Sandybell reissue
- Beige tank top
- Mint, white and yellow stripe top
- Mint cardigan Calvin Klein
- Brown padded belt
- Silver toned sandals Payless
- Vuitton bag (fake)
- Some of my silver necklaces


Meli22 said...

oooh this is too cute! Love the belt and the shape of the cardigan here ;)

hillary said...

those pants make me scream a little in their fabulousessosisty