How long do you wait ?

Upon starting my shopping ban at the beginning of the year I have had to look more and more into my closet. 

This week for instance I have been wearing items that are NEW and that have been hanging in my CLOSET with their tags for over 6 months. 
This is unacceptable !
Specially because they are not cocktail dresses or formal wear which of course, call for a special event to we worn... although velvet is kind of flashy... :)

So I wonder HOW LONG DO YOU WAIT before putting on something that is new... ?
While you give it some thought, here's what I wore:
- Blue, grey and black skirt Michael Kors (NEW)
- Black boatneck sweater Joseph A.
- Blue suede shoes Dani Black
- Gold tone pearl necklace (it's fake)
- Owl ring F21
- Yellow patent tote bag Liz Claiborne


Sheila said...

Oh you bad girl. ;) I wear my new stuff right away! I come home and immediately plan out my oufits for the week (I set them aside in a section of my closet).

That is a lovely skirt!

Dr. Da said...

I leave the tags on till I wear an item. But I also make note of the return policy on the item. I try to be good at returning something if I haven't worn it in the time frame allowed for the return. Since most stores are 60 days, I feel like if I haven't worn in 60 days I must not truly love, and thus should return. Although today I am wearing both of my Goodwill purchases from yesterday. :)

Meli22 said...

obviously it's a good idea to try to wear something right away, so you have a chance to return it.

If you seriously DO love it and it fits perfect, then I think it's okay to let it wait if it's seriously out of season. I have a few items like that (namely skirts) that are waiting for warmer days...

Meli22 said...

oh I forgot to say I WANT YOUR SKIRT :D

Leah said...

I have the same experience too... seeing clothes that are still new in my closet. It was a good thing that I started doing outfit posts, I saw those treasures hidden in my closet.

I love your skirt!!!

ana said...

Me encanta la falda!!! y la bolsa esta preciosa!!! gracias por los ánimos Lorena! ya te contaré como me fue! saludos!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

I usually can't wait to wear something that's new! I am totally coveting this skirt.... :)

sisters and dresses said...

Si te traes contigo esa falda tan bonita....te aceptamos como trilliza, jejejeje.


Brittany D'Lynne said...

When I go shopping, I never wear all my new things at the same time. I try to space them out over weeks if I can!

I love those tights that we share! They're comfortable and so fun--I get compliments on them everytime I wear them!

E said...

I take waaay too long and I'm realizing this more and more!