Dinner with Uncle....

Last night we had a wonderful dinner with our aunt and uncle and a friend of theirs.

Not to mention the food was amazing so therefore I over ate. 
For the last couple of weeks I have been conscious that I have been eating more than usual and it has already began to show, I have been hiding the extra me under comfortable skirts...
While I digest that, I will tell you what I wore:

- Black capris Tempted
- Black sheer top Natural Exchange brand
- Yellow tube top underneath
- Black strappy sandals Red Lips
- Blue and black clutch BCBG
- Owl ring F21

I usually wear my sheer tops with a tank underneath that is the same color as the sheer top.
A few weeks back I read in a magazine article that away to bring Summer into wardrobe was through your sheer tops. 
The idea is to add color via the tank worn underneath regardless of the color of the sheer top and this is my first attempt.

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