"Gotta wear it right away because if I die tomorrow, it's been worn !"

Yesterday I received some interesting comments in regards to my post about HOW LONG DO YOU WAIT, before wearing something that you have purchased.
I should beat myself up for waiting too long. The skirt I wore yesterday was in the closet for almost half a year and well, the top that I am wearing today has also been in my closet for... well let's just say a couple of months.
Most comments received, point in the same direction, I would like to share some of these wise comments with you and I hope to start following them myself:

Blogger Sheila said...

Oh you bad girl. ;) I wear my new stuff right away! I come home and immediately plan out my oufits for the week (I set them aside in a section of my closet).
Blogger Dr. Da said...
I leave the tags on till I wear an item. But I also make note of the return policy on the item. I try to be good at returning something if I haven't worn it in the time frame allowed for the return. Since most stores are 60 days, I feel like if I haven't worn in 60 days I must not truly love, and thus should return. 
I have to say that it seems like a great idea to plan the outfit immediately by incorporating the new garment to my wardrobe as soon as the shopping bag hits my bedroom floor. 
Also Dr. Da`s suggestion to consider the return policy is a great one... It had honestly not crossed my mind. 
I have to include an additional quote that my mom always says "Gotta wear it right away because if I die tomorrow, it's been worn !" That's my mom.
This shopping ban is teaching me more about myself that I thought!
Here's what I wore:
- Black skirt Target
- Grey lace and satin top Pretty Good
- Black and silver flats 
- Yellow patent tote bag Liz Claiborne
- Silver bracelets Tous
- Silver and rhinestone earrings (gift)

- Silver bow ring (gift from my dear Grandpa)


Meli22 said...

I think this blouse is pretty darn cute! :) I've been doing a mini-challenge to wear new things. I got 12 new items, and have worn 6. The other 6 I am having trouble with because it's too cold... but I will figure out a way to wear them before the month is out :)

Leah said...

Your mom's quote is so cute... and she's right!!!

I love your bracelets... so fun! I love your shoes too. Such a fab color combination. xoxo

Kristen said...

I am like Dr. Da, I keep an eye on the return dates and I keep trying to incorporate it into an outfit before then. If it can't be done, back it goes!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love that outfit - that style suits you so much.