Product Review: MAC's Hello Kitty Beauty Powder

If you have browsed this blog you may have noticed I have a close relationship with Hello Kitty.
We go way back, in fact we are almost the same age.
I think this is the reason my mother keeps on buying me Hello Kitty t shirts, pijamas, necklaces...
Last year I was passing by a MAC store and... there she was: the Hello Kitty Collection.

I purchased a couple of the collection's items to find myself totally disillusioned, disenchanted, dissapointed - with my HELLO KITTY BEAUTY POWDER.
I honestly have to say that it sucks, it does nothing for me. I beat myself up on why I even bought it. 
It does not mattify my skin, give it color - nothing. 
The only thing it did was make me waste money and as a self punishment 
I vowed to wear it until it's finished and tell everyone how bad the product is when they compliment the nice packaging.
HK, it's nothing personal - sorry ! I'll always love you.

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