A busy Saturday !

Came in from Colombia a little late last night, only to find myself doing TONS of stuff.
My car's air conditioner died on me last weekend, so I had it checked - where I live an air conditioner in the car in not a luxury it's a real need. 
Really it's not only hot here but, also humid. Humid like you can see the steam coming out of the street.
Anyways I also acquired a flat tire, I think my car is trying to get back at me for just thinking about selling it....
Now, I usually make an effort on trying not to leave the house looking like this, but I was wayyy tired so I did:

Now, I avoided running into anyone and wore my big sunglasses just in case....
- Jean Shorts Merona
- Black T shirt Polo Ralph Lauren
- Silver flats

I know that this pair of shoes should leave my closet pronto, but, they are so comfortable and I have a problem letting go.
Now, they are scuffed and I am going to try to dye them myself, see if I can stretch their lifetime a little...  have you ever dyed a pair of leather shoes ?
Any suggestions ?


Clau! said...

the shape of your shoes is cute, I hope they look nice when you dye them ;)

B a la Moda said...

Me gustan esos vaqueros. Seguro que con medias quedan muy monos.
B* a la Moda