Sunday Houndstooth !

If you have not heard it before, here I go again... I LOVE HOUNDSTOOTH !
So it was no surprise that when I saw this top I picked up two of them in different colors...
Today I went for breakfast with my H's mom and dad. 
They are both ill, he had a stroke a few months back and lost total mobility on his left side and she has been battling cancer for over 10 years. Her cancer keeps coming back in different ways, different places.
We take them out every Sunday and when possible visit during the week.
I am aware that they are on "borrowed time", as some say so we make the effort to make the time we spend together a good one.

Look around you, is anyone you love on "borrowed time" - cherish them now.

On this sunny sunny sunny Sunday I wore:
- Black shorts
- Houndstooth tshirt from GO - Target
- Black ankle wrap flats (Platanitos brand, bought in Peru)
- Red patent bag (no brand)


Make Do Style said...

Ah you look fab in houndstooth - I look like a dog! Love your shorts and sandals x

Kari said...

I love the houndstooth top! That looks like a nice comfy sweater.

Completely agree with you about cherishing and spending time with those who are ill and living on "borrowed time." My grandma hung on through years of struggles with cancer and heart failure, and I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend so much time with her before she died. It's great that you are able to do the same with your in-laws.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Shorts look great on you - they are th eone garment I never ever wear.

Penny said...

It's so true and it's heartbreaking to think that at one time or another; we all will have to combat that kind of loss. I often wonder if I will be capable of overcoming the loss of my mom or husband let's say...and for what it's worth; despite the relationship or lack there of I have with my father -- I think his passing will definitely be harder than what I tend to expect.

Life sure is something.

Anyhoo...let's get to this fabulous little number you're wearing. It really is so elegant and I'm right up there with you and the Houndstooth!

hillary said...

I am so sorry to hear about your inlaws. Yes cherish any time you have and show love often and with vigor.

Also its nice to see you! and I LOVE houndstooth and it on you!

Lorena said...

Yay for houndstooth! thank you for your kind comments.
I don't wear shorts often, I have issues with being so pale ( i have a friend who calls me Casper) and also my veins showing up... but i figure that if I don't wear them NOW, when will I ?

ana said...

I love your outfit!!! your shoes are amazing and the shorts are very pretty :)