Saturday Night... Movie: Sector 9

I am not the type to go watch an alien movie but this Saturday night we did.
My H and I went with another couple who are friends of ours, to watch SECTOR 9 - I do not know what we were thinking... actually we did not give it too much thought...
I was not that bad ( I am no movie expert) but it kept me interested, it was not boring, effects were kinda cool and the end makes you want more... probably a sequel will follow. Have you seen this movie ? Did you like it ? 
I felt it was one of those movies where the "alien" could be anyone, any being, any race...
To the movies and then to dinner I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Marc Segal brand silver (glittery) tank top
- Black cardigan George brand
- Black ankle wrap flat sandals (Platanitos brand, bought in Peru)
- Red patent bag (no brand)
- Glass like necklace and earring set - no brand


Penny said...

I have yet to see that movie and I think I really should just pick it up when it becomes available to rent.

Hey, does the movie theaters get unbearably cold over there like they do here? No matter what the season is here, the movie theaters are always so darn cold! I think they do that in order to force our bodies to stay

Lorena said...

Yes, it's a good choice to watch a home!
Movies are ok here, not THAT cold.... but offices are THAT cold and more... it's like they don't know a thing about global warming !