I'ts Monday, I'm in Mexico !

This morning, being half asleep, half awake I wore this to get on the plane that would take me to Mexico.
I will be working there for a week.

- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Grey long sleeve cotton sweater One Step Up brand
- Red velvet jacket with silver shiny buttons (Covington brand)
- Black leather flats (no brand bought in Greece)

I just got to Mexico to find that the information on the Weather Channel was incorrect. It's not chilly or raining, it's hot as hell... and I had packed according to the info on the Weather Channel.

This is one of the times I have traveled the lightest... ever, seriously.
 I have a carry on that only weighs 7.5 kilos ! and a red tote that holds my computer.... this is amazing !


Penny said...

Please teach me how to pack lightly! I suck at packing. As for the weather channel....they've been known to fail us viewers in teh past. I think it's mother nature's way of one up'ing us...lol
Anyhoo...hope you get to go sightseeing in DF:)

hillary said...

I don't know what 7.5 kilos comes out to but I know mine is always at least 11dy times heavier because I SUFFER AT PACKING TOO MUCH!

and if you see hola kitty please tell her I said hi!

ana said...

Welcome to Mexico!!! I hope you have a great time... if you need any advice you can ask me... love your red coat... and thank you very much for your comment...

Lorena said...

Thanks ladies !