Flea Market Sunday

If you have come across my ramblings before you are sure to know that there is no "flea market" culture where I live.
Whenever you do come across one, they are expensive and limited in what they offer.
But, I always go anyways, hoping that by supporting it the idea will catch on. 
In fact, this past Sunday we had one and my friend and I went.
First we thought about having a stand there in order to sell goodies we make but, since it was sooo cloudy and rainy-like we decided to abort the mission. 
On this hot Sunday I wore:
-New York & Company cropped jeans (again from yesterday... shhhh)
-Black tank top (can´t remember the brand)
-? brand Burgundy flats (gift from friend Julissa)
-Mexican Textile purple, lavender, etc bag  (purchased in Mexico)
-Crochet earrings (I made)


Penny said...

You are so adorable! I love how you cuffed up your pants and all the accessories! I say keep attending those few flea markets....OR....even start your own. For example, in my old neighborhood; the churches allow people to rent tables in their halls and vendors present there stuff once a month. Usually, the stuff is priced very cheap...especially since my old neighborhood is a poor one...but not only does it generate money for the vendor but for the church itself. Perhaps you and your friends can start a trend like that. Hey, we all have stuff we want to get rid of right?

Lorena said...

Hey Penny, thank you for the encouragement and for the idea... while it catches on or i have my own I will continue to haunt all the vintage stores on line... :´(