Saturday: I can do two things at the same time !

Yes I can ! 
I can do 2 things at the same time: eat and take a crappy picture ! Yay for me.
On Saturday I went out to do errands and only did less than half of them, as usual.
Decided to wear:
- no brand creme-yellow lacy top with bow (bought in St. Barths while waiting for a customer)
-New York & Company cropped jeans
-? brand flat burgundy shoes (gift from Julissa)

When I finish a post like this one, I realize that this right now, what I wore was boring, lifeless, colorless. 
Then I say to myself (try to justify) that it was the picture that did not do this justice but no. 
This is what I aim to get away from... what do you aim to get away from - wardrobe related ?


fromsneakerstostilettos said...

I actually like this. The shoes are great and sometimes a day in neutrals is good. It allows us to really love the color in our wardrobes.

I am trying to get away from putting a cardigan over everything. I need to be more creative in my layering.

Penny said...

Actually, the same thing. What I actually want to master is the art of accessorizing. Accessorizing is hard stuff...especially when one's outfit is tame.

Anyhoo, I see what your saying but that blouse is so romantic and has such a great 50's flair. What if you just plopped on some colorful broaches on it? Or did your hair in a fun retro updo?

Lorena said...

fromsneakerstostilettos: thanks :) the shoes are actually really comfy too.
I get you with the layering... it seems sooo easy for some people but for me it´s like chemistry - soo difficult, but we must not stop trying !
Penny: I see we are on the same ride trying to accesorize.
I want to make it seem simple, almost effortless... almost like I was born with it :) (yeah right)
I think the hair idea is a good one, I never "play" with my hair...

Penny said...

I think that if we or anyone can master accessorizing and fit, they have their own personal style down pact. Hey, personal style takes time and I think it's also curiously linked with personal growth. The more confident one feels; the sassier one gets with their wardrobe. Def. try the hair. I think it would be a lot of fun with your length.

fromsneakerstostilettos said...

I think that accessorizing is necessary as well. Thanks for the comment on my blog though :) I really do love cardigans.