Monday : This suit reminds me of. . .

Just las week while reading By Hillary: Fashion with a side of Sadness
I did a mental exercise to try and link events to my clothes. 
I then realised that no matter what I thought I had gotten rid of items that brought on bad memories.
The suit I am wearing today brings back memories, hot ones, good ones.
Not "hot" in that sense.
When I began working in my current job I had to travel minimum one week a month.
As you can imagine I had to pack for an entire business week in one carry-on in order to minimise the odds of losing flight connections.
The area I had to visit was the Caribbean.
While it may sound like vacation fun, it was extremely difficult at first.
Customers were lovely in the most part but, the climate was rough.
Long story short I bought this light black suit for these travels. It is stretchy, does not wrinkle, comfortable and presentable.
Wearing this suit I walked the hot islands and I did things I never dreamed of.
I love this suit, it´s hot !

With my beloved Da Moda black suit, I wore:
-White sleeveless ruffle see-through blouse 
-Vintage Brooch (given to me by a grand-aunt)
-Black pointy Bandolino heels
-Black patent Neiman Marcus brand tote (gift from mom)


Penny said...

That is a GREAT suit and that blouse with the broach is driving my CRAZY! Your Grand Aunt and Mom have incredible taste. I have to say, the Caribbean is mad hot....I would be deathly afraid of wearing

Lorena said...

Thanks, I do love when any of grandma´s sisters give me their stuff, specially if it was theirs, I cherish them even more if they are used.
Ha! now, I know that black is awful when you are walking the islands... a lesson I have learned :$
If I could go back I would probably do skirts A LOT more.

Penny said...

You are very lucky to have those beautiful things passed down to you:) Yeah, I could see myself wanting to evaporate wearing pants with the heat and the humidity. Trust me, I love the heat...I think I tolerate it very well...but once I slap on dark colors...I'm done.

ana said...
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