Matching bag and necklace

Polka dot top Pop Cafe similar here - Black Gabe blazer Theory

Black printed trousers Wild Girl, similar - Black patent bow flats Kate Spade

Caramel hand bag Petal to the Metail Marc by Marc Jacobs (in transit) - Brown sunglasses Nine West

Orange bead vintage necklace (in transit)

Getting dressed these days seems so very complicated. I have laundry to do, the closet is overflowing, and not in the usual order. So there are things I cannot even find. There are plenty of garments to be ironed and I am head over heels with all my work related pending list. Not to mention we just bought a new house that needs tons of work before we can move in.

So if the bag matches the necklace it's sufficient for me. 

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Sheila said...

Sticking to a black and white (with a pop of colour) seems to be working well for you! You look effortlessly chic, Lorena.

Wow, a new house on top of everything else? You are a super-woman!

BTW, I can't recommend a steamer enough! Ironing is the worst! Seriously, you need a steamer - you will thank me.

This is the one I have (I bought mine on sale for about $269): - you can find cheaper ones, but that back piece of pull-down mesh is essential for pressing smoothly or putting creases into trousers, etc. I use mine every day!!

Mica said...

Congrats on the new house, how exciting! I love the bright accessories with the black and white too - this doesn't look rushed at all, looks like you spent your time picking it out from a lot of good choices! :)

Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you! It will be a quiet one here, we are all a little unwell and the smoke haze means we need to stay indoors mostly!

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