The Other One

Printed blazer Peter Pilotto 

Black trousers and black top Zara 

Black flats Parfois - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff

I vividly remember the day I purchased this Peter Pilotto blazer.

Saw the one I am wearing today and grabbed it and also an Etro one very similar to this.  As I walked into the dressing room to try the blazers the sales lady tells me that earlier someone else had purchased another blazer that had come in from the same consignor and that it was "aaaahmazing".  

That day I walked away with two spectacular blazers but have always wondered what the "amazing" one looked like: the other one. 


Mica said...

I think that this blazer itself is pretty amazing! :) It looks so good with the monochrome black! :)

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

PhotosbyCris Travel Fashion Lifestyle said...

An amazing blazer indeed such an statement piece Love it xoxo Cris

Sheila said...

This is such an amazing statement piece. I hate it when I'm told, "Oh you just missed the most fabulous piece." Sell me/show me what you have, not what I missed!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Then again it's all so subjective. I call this one amazing!!!