Escada Elements

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Vintage blazer Escada Elements (in transit), similar here



This blazer was purchased with the sole purpose of being sold. So I began to do some research on it.  I had already established this blazer was at least 15 years old, because if the fabric and length. I had also figured it was of good quality because of the mother of pearl buttons which were engraved with a tree of life and the zipper pulls which were made of leather. The cut also indicated it was well made. It had no tags but it did have a printed lining that read Escada Elements that gave me a lead.
As I continued to examine it, I unzipped one of the pockets. It contained a theatre stub, with a date October 1999. I then learned here that Escada Elements was born under the Todd Oldham era in 1995, which indicated that this blazer is very likely from around 1997. How about that ?

Do you ever do any research on your vintage finds ? 


Sheila said...

How amazing to find that theatre ticket to help you date it! I love that sort of thing (do you remember the bar ticket I found in my leather pants back in 2011?). I always do research on my finds!

backinstyle said...

Love this jacket, Lorena, what a great find. You are fortunate to have such great thrifting and consignment options in your area!

Mica said...

It's awesome you were able to find out so much about your blazer! :) I don't have many vintage pieces - the ones that I do have are bags! Australia is quite a young country so not a lot of vintage stuff around. Some opshops have a small section of it! It's a beautiful blazer too, great find!

Hope that your week is going well :)

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