Another closet

Black trousers Zara - Black top Zara 

Red ringmaster blazer Deker's Paris, similar here, here (in transit)

Black flats Parfois - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff

Gold tone vintage clip on earrings, similar


I purchased this blazer to be re sold. However I wanted to give it a spin to see if maybe I wanted to keep it for myself. I wore it three times and realized that I would probably wear it like today all the time: over black.  So I parted with it, it now lives in another closet, lives another life.


Sheila said...

Fair enough - it's the kind of blazer I also purchase, wear a few times and then I'm done with it. Love it on you, but yeah, not a lot of options for styling it.

Mica said...

it does look so good with black! It's great it could go on to another wardrobe as you were feeling too restricted by it! I have a red cardigan I definitely don't wear as much as my navy one, it's a very bright topper!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

Away From Blue

Alejandra said...

In love with the jacket!

Closet Fashionista said...

It's such a fun piece though!! But at least you got to have it for a short while and now it's on to its next adventure

Ash Green said...

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