Second looks

Printed trousers Zara - Big shoulder pad black short sleeve blazer vintage no brand, similar  
Nude patent heel shoes Flexi, similar - Black satchel Rebecca Minkoff, almost identical

Gold Roman numeral ring, similar

This vintage short sleeve blazer with huge shoulder pads is quite a statement piece. Whenever I wear it I get second looks or long stares which I really don't care for. It's such a fun piece. 

Is there a particular garment from your closet that gets this type of attention when you wear it?

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Sheila said...

I LOVE this blazer on you, Lorena! It's obviously an 80s piece. I think the long stares are people who think you are one of those people "stuck in the 80s", not realizing you are a stylish fashionista. Just stare back at them, like, "Who are you to judge me, you in your Lululemon leggings and baggy t-shirt?" until they look away, lol.

I get stares in nearly everything I wear - I ignore it for the most part. It's always the really outrageous pieces that get the most attention, and the bright colours. People like to see them, but don't wear them themselves.