August Closet Editions

I've been trying to edit. I've been trying to get organized. I swear I've tried. This is what left the closet in August.

First runner up are these small sunglasses by Esprit, worn once un ten years, thought it was time to let them go and sold them with a small profit.


A teal rose leather ring purchased in Bueno Aires, worn at least 4 times. Long burgundy paisley print scarf by Liz Claiborne purchased in February 2019 for 1.07 USD, just worn once. Mustard Pull & Bear clutch that began to fall apart as most fast fashion bags do. 

Silvia Tcherassi linen maxi dress purchased in October 2018, worn twice but it was too tight at the boobs. Vintage light blue and polka dot Nina Angel dress purchased in June 2018 and worn twice, it was snug.  Finally the teal lace wrap top from Donna Karan Jeans which I wore twice in ten years.

I should be editing more because there are plenty of things that do not fit me in my closet. Then again, if I edit, does it mean I am accepting my new weight ?  So there is the dilemma.

7 edited pieces in August. 


Laura B said...

Great edits! I've been trying hard to go through everything as I get my fall clothing out!

Mica said...

You did well, I think I only got rid of two tops and a skirt last month, ha!

I find wight fluctuates so I don't get too upset if something doesn't fit one day, when I cycle round to try it again it usually does! :) I have quite bad ab separation after two babies though so sometimes it can be something as simple as a meal that bloats me so pants become too snug, haha!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

Editing due to fluctuations in one's weight can be demoralizing...sending you good vibes for looking your best and feeling good about yourself no matter what weight you're at.

Dang that fast fashion!

Alejandra said...

Nice clutch!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

These all look like good things to have parted with and for all the right reasons. It's been a year since I've done a closet refresh so it's about time tht I get rid of a few things as well. Basically, after experiencing all four seasons, if I didn't wear it, then it's getting donated.