Not so good news

Polka dot sweater Petite, similar 

Striped skirt Michael Kors, similar 

Red bag Furla, similar - Black flats Parfois
I've been at my current job for almost fifteen years. What's the longest you've worked in one place?

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Sheila said...

What is the "not so good news"? Are you leaving your job? 15 years is a long time!

The longest I've worked in one place is 11 years, followed by 8.5 years (current job), 9 years (current WW job), and even my last regular job, I was there for 5.5 years! I like to stay in places for a long time. I will probably stay at this current job until I retire!

Mica said...

15 years seems to me to be something to be proud of, not "not so good news"! :)

I've been at my current company 10 years, longest I've ever been anywhere, and I'm quite happy there, I enjoy the work I'm doing and every now and then it changes up a little so I don't get bored.

I like the mix of stripes and polka dots in your outfit :)

Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

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