Construction mode

Blue jean overalls - Green tee shirt No Supervision Required - Flats Bimbo & Lola - Hand bag Etro

A big pair of overalls seemed like the right choice today where it was all about construction. 
What do you wear when it comes to doing any remodeling, painting and such around the house?


Sheila said...

Oh, these are too cute to get dirty doing painting! They look great on you, Lorena!

I had some ratty clothes that are for renos, but it's been so long since we did them, I no longer have them! I would go buy some really cheap stuff at the thrift store to destroy if I needed to get my hands dirty.

Lydia said...

I never have clothes for such occasions, it's a problem! I think I might keep a pair of old jeans to paint in, but then so seldom paint that I've gotten rid of them by the time I eventually need them.
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