Red Bag

Snake print blouse Escada Sport, similar - Burgundy bow flats Isola, similar

Black trousers - Red hand bag Furla, similar
As I mentioned in a previous post this red hand bag was originally purchased to be sold in my second hand shop.  However after I cleaned the leather, washed the inside and realized I did not own a red hand bag, I have been wearing it over and over.  It's the perfect size and I tell myself that I'll sell it when a customer shows up for it. 
The question is will I? Will I sell it, what do you think ?


Sheila said...

I love that bag - red bags are so useful, and they go with everything. I'd keep it!

I'm not as much of a fan of this blouse - I can't see the pattern properly, so it looks muddy to me. YOU, however, look beautiful, as always. :)

Mica said...

it is a cute bag, and this is why I could never have a handbag store, ha! I'd end up falling in love with and wanting to buy everything! :)

Away From Blue

Lydia said...

Haha, I guess it depends how much they are willing to pay for it! Though I'm guilty of picking up something thinking I'll list it on ebay only for it to take up residence in my own closet.
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