Rust skirt Forever 21, similar - Peep toe suede block heel shoes Zara, similar 
Vintage horse bit printed blouse Starington for Saks Fifth Avenue, similar in black

Vintage gold tone clip on earrings, similar - Brown Nail varnish 

It's funny how we can sometimes like an item while making it totally independent from its origin and originally intended use. 
This time around I am talking about the horse bit. I love horse bit prints and accessories but not the idea of being around a horse track. Don't get me wrong, I love horses but the thought of them being ridden and used for racing purposes not. 
How about you, can you relate to this?


Courtney Erin said...

It definitely makes sense to me that you could love something quite divorced from its original purpose - and as a print it is really fun. Also, I have to say how much I love your skirt, it's such a great cut and colour.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Ruth said...

I do love the printed top because the colors are really good. I also love the skirt!

Sheila said...

I like horses...from a distance. I have no desire to ride them or get very close to them. I do love a good equestrian look. Great outfit, Lorena!

Lydia said...

I feel like that is something which happens a lot, there is a big disconnect from many things in our lives. From where our food comes from to where our clothes come from. When faced with the realities, we are more apt to turn a blind eye.
Chic on the Cheap

Natalie S said...

Me encantaron los detalles de este outfit!