Leopard Lines

Rust cardigan Loft - Black cropped trousers Mossimo - Black and white lines top Cover Stitched -
Quilted bag Dooney & Burke
Vintage Roman coin cuffs, similar but pricey 
Leopard print belt, another leopard print belt option under 10.00 USD
Black quilted flats

Just like the other day I chose to wear a snake print cardigan because I read somewhere the trend was back, well today I did the same for leopard print as it was the "next big thing" (again). 
So I went for my leather leopard print belt and happily mixed it up with a striped top, only to realise halfway through the day that the belt was slowly falling apart. 

When was the last time you wore something that basically fell apart on the spot?
Así como el otro día escogí ponerme un cardigan con estampado de culebra porque leí en algún lugar que era tendencia, hoy hice lo mismo con el estampado de leopardo, pues resulta que leopardo es "lo mas in" (otra vez).
Busqué my cinturón ancho de cuero con estampado de leopardo y alegremente lo mezclé con una camisa de rayas, solo para darme cuenta a la mitad del día que poco a poco el cinturón se había empezado a desintegrar. 

¿Cuándo fue la ultima vez que mientras llevabas algo puesto se empezó a deshacer?

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Beauty Unearthly said...

Love the combination of outfit!

Mica T said...

Shame your belt was falling apart! I was wearing a top the other day and realised I had a mark on it, went to brush it off and it was a hole, not a mark, ha! No idea how long that had been there! I think we don't notice things when we are in a rush to get dressed :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Courtney Erin said...

I once had a purse that literally fell apart in stages throughout the day while I was out. First the strap came disconnected and then a whole started to grow in the bottom. I came home carrying my purse contents in a plastic bag, determined never to buy such a cheap quality purse again! Side note, I love your Roman coin bracelet - it's such a great piece!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

E said...

That belt is such a fun piece!

District of Chic

Sheila said...

Great outfit, but bummer about the belt. I had my Gap wedge sandals fall apart on me (cheap lining on the leather). Ugh. I hate that.