August Closet edition

Here is what I edited this month, most were worn that one last time but this did not pass the test.

Starting with this teal zip tank top from Forever 21, worn just two or three times. By now I should know anything that zips up at the front is not something I go for. The dead stock DKNY jeans were also edited. It was a true fail because I had actually paid for alterations but after two wears, they were not doing any real contribution. So off they go.

Now, these two dresses. The red zig zag dress by Isaac Mizrahi and a polka dot dress by American Living purchased in 2015. Worn once to a cocktail (no picture taken) it felt snug and I just gave up. Check this picture out, its the one where the two marvellous ladies that I attended a swap with are wearing the above dresses! Aren't they just fab?!
My white Uniqlo culottes which I gave away at the swap after a 0.53 cent CPW. Two pieces from Gap: grey striped dress and a green gingham button down shirt. One I passed on to a friend and the gingham shirt was swapped ! 

This is the most disappointing edited item: MOSCHINO LOVE quilted black bucket bag purchased in July 2016 for 123.05 USD, it got about 64 wears. 

After wanting this bag for so long, I fell for it in 2013. Since then I wore it about 56 times and that was it. By then I had fallen for yet another brown Coach tote bag, a CH Andy bag, a vintage Moschino and so on. I have not wanted to do a CPW on this item, but it was consigned and I've yet to know if it sold.  
Also gone is my brown wallet, it was also consigned. I had it for over ten years so I am sure I got a fab CPW.

I also got rid of 3 pairs of shoes: Black ankle wrap Wendell shoe from Vince Camuto, taken to 0.95 cents per wear. Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, 0.43 cents per wear. My handmade Silk on Shoes colourful flats purchased in Turkey in May 2013, for about 30.00 USD worn at least 29 times (1.03 USD per wear.

Also out of the closet my white Kate Spade mother of pearl sunglasses, purchased in 2015. for 96.00 USD, worn about 14 times. Sold for the 90.00 USD, 0.43 cents per wear.

Not pictured but also out of the closet: White eyelet Mango MNG dress seen here and Gucci tencel chambray jeans sold for 55.00 USD (not pictured). 

A total of 16 items.


Mica T said...

I'm impressed your Louis Vuitton wallet lasted you 10 years! I have been thinking about getting a new wallet but I haven't found the perfect one yet - trying to think if a LV wallet would really be a better purchase than a bag or two that I could get for the same price - but if it lasts that long like their bags it might be a worthy investment!

Hope that your weekend is off to a nice start! It's a rainy day here but we have a birthday party to go to so it will be fun :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

Good work on your edits, Lorena - I love seeing those two dresses on the ladies from the swap. You do such a great job on your CPW.

Hope things are going well with you - I miss seeing your frequent posts!