February Closet Edits

Lately I have not been editing much, however a few items did make it to the consign shop or the give away bag. Here is what left the closet in February.

Blue and black top from Zara purchased in 2014, 2.60 CPW (full story here). Flower print top from Forever 21, 0.98 CPW, see how I wore it here.  A light turquoise polo shirt by Ralph Lauren was stained, see how it was worn through the years here. It's so old I could not do a CPW estimate.

A palm tree print from 2015, Sweet brand, purchased for 10.70 USD, CPW 2.14 USD. I tore the underarm and the fabric was so thin I could not sew it back. The blush pink Poetry blazer was 19.99 USD, purchased in NYC on February 2012, worn 15 times taking CPW to about 1.33 USD.

Burgundy and pink crochet earrings I made a few years back. Almost never wear them, but I did here and although I like how they look, it did not feel like me. So off they go. Finally my silver starfish flip flops 3.99 from July 2013. Worn about 10 times, about 0.40 cents per wear.

7 Items edited in February. How are your closet edits coming along ? 


Ashon said...

Looks like you have treated yourself very well in February. Many beautiful pieces but specially that blush blazer and the dress are beautiful.

Many Regards Ashon

backinstyle said...

As usual, you do such a great job of editing and keeping track of your closet contents! I have been accumulating a box of items to sell or donate-you inspire me to get moving!

Sheila said...

I'm doing pretty good - I only have a few weeks left in my fall/winter wardrobe, and I'm thinking about what to let go of.

Mica said...

You did well! Our local store had a bring a bag of 10 items of clothing to get a $10 voucher, so I cleaned out a little, but still feel I haven't really made a dent in my wardrobe. They ran out of vouchers quickly so the other pieces I just donated as they were already bagged up :)

Away From The Blue Blog

L.E.N K said...

Great job!

Have a nice day!