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Black drifter trousers Saturday Kate Spade, similar - Flower print top Forever 21 - Yellow heels Tsubo 

It's April 2013 and I am shopping on line, for 13.80 USD this F21 top is all mine. Four years went by and it's been worn at least 14 times. The top has held up perfectly considering it's from Forever 21 and that it's always been machine washed. Colours are bright as the first day. These days I am not loving how open the scoop neck and at 0.98 cents cost per wear plus so many other things coming into the closet, its healthy to let go. Sometimes all you need to let go it to give yourself a reason. 

What was the reason you edited an item from your closet ?

Below are a few of the ways I wore it: skirt, shorts, blue and coloured denim. 

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Mica said...

It is a beautiful top, and it's held up well! I agree though, if it' not working for you and you aren't 100% happy with it any more it's time to let it go :)

I wore a pretty cami the other week that's leaving my wardrobe as it's just not right for me anymore - had fun while I had it, but not everything will be a wardrobe winner!

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minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Nice blouse, bou I prefer another outfits: with red shorts, lavender pants or jeans jacket and white shorts