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White off shoulder button shirt H&M, almost the same here - Gap jeans - Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, almost identical  

White gold circle pendant on chain, similar here, there is least expensive option here and a silver option here 
A few days ago in a previous post I asked if you had any questions for me. By nature I am curious but sometimes don't dare ask, so I asked you to ask me anything on your mind. 

One fellow blogger asked "How long have you been blogging and what's your motivation to keep going?"

Interestingly enough I feel like I started the blog recently, however I've been blogging since mid 2009. Here is my third post ever. Started and never stopped, I think this happens when you do something you like. You also meet outstanding people, for example Sheila commented on that third post link above and to this day there is not a post of hers I've missed.
My motivation for blogging is quite ample: includes self improvement, learning something new, curating my closet, sharing vintage finds, getting my cost per wear and even documenting my ageing process. It's insightful as you learn about yourself, gain confidence and it can even therapeutic at times. Why do you blog ?

Oh and if you have any more question, just ask ;) 
Hace algunos días en un post previo pregunté si querían hacerme alguna pregunta. 

Una pregunta recibida fue "¿Cuánto tiempo tienes escribiendo el blog y qué te mantiene motivada para continuar?"
Pues a pesar de haber iniciado el blog a mediados del año 2009, siento como si fuera ayer, creo que esto sucede cuando haces algo que te gusta. Aquí pueden ver mi tercer post, empecé el blog y luego nunca paré. 
Mi motivación es amplia, conoces gente genial como por ejemplo Sheila, que como verán comentó en ese tercer post y hasta el día de hoy seguimos en contacto. Las razones incluyen superación personal, aprender algo nuevo, el proceso interminable de curaduría del armario, compartir las piezas vintage que encuentro, documentar el costo por uso de las prendas e inclusive documentar el proceso de envejecimiento. Es sumamente introspectivo ya que aprendes mucho de ti mismo, ganas confianza e inclusive puede ser un proceso terapéutico. ¿Y tú, porqué tienes un blog ? 
Si tienes alguna pregunta, déjala en los comentarios. 

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Mica said...

That's a lovely way to wear an off the shoulder top! :)

I don't miss any of Sheilas posts either, she's such an inspiring blogger! :)

I'm like my Grandad, fascinated with people watching and seeing how everyone wears things. Following bloggers is an extension of that, and helped me try figure out fashion when I was younger, and what looked good. Starting my own blog came after joining in on a forum thread 'what are you wearing today' or something similar, and from there a blog seemed like the next step. It's so fun, I love seeing the different styles from around the world! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Laura B said...

I completely agree with you! i love blogging to have time for myself as a creative outlet. I love being a mommy and my job, but blogging is just for me! :)

Sheila said...

I love that we've been blog-friends for so long - thank you for the shoutout, sweetheart. Hugs!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

It's true. If it's something you enjoy, why not keep going??
I think it's helped me figured out what looks good on me and what's not so good!! And it's been super fun to hang out with my mom and Nancy way more too!!
Have a great weekend!!

Chrissy R said...

This is fabulous!! Thank you for answering my question. It’s fun to hear your heart behind he blog. I too love the people aspect.; finding friends across the globe is amazing. The community is what keeps me going - I learn so much and find loads of inspiration. In addition, playing in my closet is one of my favorite hobbies. I didn’t even think about seeing how i age, but i will now! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. 😊😊

E said...

That asymmetrical top is so cool!

District of Chic

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Love your inspiration Lorena. I've been following you for year. Mine is simply to try products and share my thoughts with others so they can make informed decisions.