Worst buys

What makes something a bad purchase ?  Is it not wearing it immediately ? Not getting a good cost per wear ? You tell me.

Following those questions as a guideline I went back through my 2017 purchases to find, for example this orange dress from H&M purchased in May 2017, I have not even tried it on since I bought it. Where would I wear this to ? Was it a good or bad purchase ?

Then there's this grey suede belt with wood buckle purchased in July and still not worn...
These crocodile leather flats were purchased in August and have yet to be worn
In October this fabulous Burberry sequin dress came into my closet and its still there, tags on..
What's even worst is this pair of Red Valentino shoes, new in their box since 2015..

What's your worst buy and why ?

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Sheila said...

Whoa, I love that orange dress - I'll take that off your hands for you! I love the Burberry dress and those shoes too, but that orange dress is amazing.

For me, a bad buy is something that I don't really love, or something that I'm buying just for the sake of buying it, and it's not good quality. Sometimes I get seduced by a cheap price tag, when it's not actually a quality piece.

Mica said...

I think the orange gown and the sequin dress are really just special occasion pieces so I wouldn't worry about not wearing them right away! :)

For me, it's a bad purchase if I don't wear it or wear it once before it leaves my wardrobe. I got rid of so many pieces still with tags on when pregnant with my eldest that I'd never worn, they were bad purchases!

Hope that this first week of 2018 is going well for you!

Away From The Blue Blog

Porcelina said...

For me, not wearing something straight away doesn't make it a 'worst buy'. Sometimes it takes years to work out how to wear something, and then once it clicks, it's great, and I wear it over and over. Maybe some of these pieces will still work out in the long run for you!

My worst buys are those that are not good quality, or those that don't fit quite as they should. A dress with the waistline in the wrong place, or fabric that has stretched/faded.

I like to think I learn, but we all get seduced by clothing sometimes...

Courtney Erin said...

For me the standard is usually that getting 4-5 wears out of something makes it a good purchase, but the exception is fancier pieces (like that orange piece - which is stunning, by the way), which I don't really keep track of in terms of number of wears because they're more like occasion pieces. So I wouldn't necessarily cast pieces like that orange gown and sequin dress as things you didn't get enough wears out of, if that makes sense.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Full skirts! I sold them all. They just make me look bigger! LOL

Natalie S said...

That orange dress is super cute!

I don't know which was my worst buy. I probably live in denial thinking everything I have bought has been an excellent purchase!