First of all I must say to fellow bloggers that THIS IS NOT EASY!
Trying to find the time to take the picture, taking the picture and then think of something-not-so-stupid to jot down ...
Anyways, you have to be really disciplined - my hats off to all who actually accomplish this.
I have had a really hard time finding batteries for my camera (the battery charger died on me) and then finding the right position for the camera...even when using a tripod.
I have way too much light in my place, so bear with me until I can get through this beginner´s phase ( I hope it´s just a phase).
So here goes my first... your suggestions are welcome !

This was Monday morning, I wore black cropped pants by Tempted, with black short sleeve jacket. Inside a beige lace shirt with a beige tee underneath to avoid showing too much...

I chose shoes from Lela Rose - Payless and burgundy color quilt bag.

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Sheila said...

I like your layout and your pictures, although the fuzzed out edges are a little distracting (just my opinion). :)

It is a hard thing to get into the groove on - I try to limit myself to 20 minutes for pictures, upload and post. I typically just ramble about what I'm wearing.