November Closet Additions

Another month. More stuff in the closet.
The story of my life. 
Palm tree print dress by Sweet 10.70 USD, 
since I did not try it on in the store, when I 
finally did at home I was not too convinced.
So, I might keep it or just pass it on.   
ASTR light pleather blue midi skirt 4.30 USD plus altering costs.
Burberry London skirt for 35.00 USD. Its big, but I fell in love with it. Plus
when I was in the dressing room trying it on, I was happy and excited, so 
I guess I wanted to capture the feeling in a skirt... 
The horse bit I told you about in a previous post, purchased via Etsy for 
9.95 USD plus local shipping (4.00 USD) total 13.95 USD.
A gold tone chain and textile necklace for 2.13 USD 
Polka dot Pop Cafe top for 10.70 USD and two piece salmon 
tone culotte set for 20.00 USD purchased on line.
From a clothes swap with a friend I got two pairs of 
Gap shorts which fit really good and a pair of 
khaki/brown Tommy Hilfiger trousers.
Also a metal belt, I had wanted for a while and which
now I have to think on how to style.
Also from a "trade" I got this fabulous handmade necklace
from Entre Nudos, which has as a pendant a vintage chandelier
crystal - I cannot wait to wear this!

12 items in the closet, total 96.78 USD


Sheila said...

Of all of these, the Burberry skirt is the most interesting to me (I hope you can tailor it down to fit). I also really like the metal belt - what a neat idea!

Viktoriya Sener said...

I love the palm dress, it's super cute!

Mica T said...

That Burberry skirt is amazing! Hope your tailor can work wonders and make it perfect for you, as it is beautiful and my favourite of everything you got! :)

LyddieGal said...

I think both skirts will have a lot of potential once altered!
I'm also glad you found the horse bit and were able to recreate the look you'd lusted after.
Chic on the Cheap

Jessica Cangiano said...

12 items for less than $100 is some seriously good shopping/swapping. Way to go! I adore your new metal belt and see it looking especially lovely over a structured sheath or wiggle dress.

♥ Jessica