I have one too many scarves, about half of them are vintage.

I make an effort to include them in my outfits and can say that I 
have worn 99% of them at least once. Not bad.
White skirt Nine West - Blue striped top Polo Ralph Lauren - Gold flats Viascar  - Brown tote bag Madison Coach
The scarf I am wearing today is one of those 
vintage ones, the ones I rarely wear.
It has bright colours and depicts the sun and astrological signs,
mine being Aquarius, from the Burmel brand, I 
can only guess its from the 1970's.

As much as I like it,  it's not one I go to when 
in need of a bright scarf.
Sometimes we've got to let go of things we like
and focus on those we love.


Mica T said...

That is a lovely scarf, but I agree with your last line so much. I'm trying to do that with my wardrobe at the moment - wear as much as I can so I can figure out what I just like, what I don't really like that much and what I love so it should stay! Slow process though, I have so MUCH in my wardrobe :(

Cosmic said...

I agree wholeheartedly there(only purchasing & keeping stuff we LOVE really helps with everything:), Lorena!

backinstyle said...

Hi Lorena,

I have been following your blog since your closet clean out project was mentioned on a fashion blog, and I clicked over to tune in. I enjoyed that series, and am inspired to try it myself! If your astrological sign scarf is headed for the flea market, I would be interested in purchasing it -I love it!

Di from Love*is*All

LyddieGal said...

I love how perfectly Parisian you look, and you can totally pull off the scarf. Even if you don't really like it.

Oranges and Apples said...

I've got way too many scarves too! I should try to wear more of them!