That talk..

I vividly remember being in NYC, inside the store 
and having that talk to myself.
Black dress JBS - Black patent shoes Zara 
With this cape like garment in my hand, I asked myself:
"Would I wear it ? Should I buy it ?"
That recurring little voice that tells me I do not need 
a new garment, immediately followed by yet that other
 voice that tells me that if I don't buy it I'll regret it…
for the rest of my life.
And that's pretty much what it went like.
As you can imagine, the buyer voice won.
I mean, how could I not buy this beautiful garment,
with pockets and marvellous fabric..? right ?
Well, its been years, yes years since that happened.
Brought this garment home and hung it in the closet.
Tried it on at least 5 times, however it never made it out the door.
It was always too big, too weird looking.
So today, I tried pairing it with the garment nothing can beat,
the item that goes a long way and with everything: a LBD.
It was magic, it worked but
 the sleeves were too tight, my arms were thicker 
than when I bought it, let's say 4 or 5 years ago ?
Vintage black patent bag
How could this have happened ?
As I removed it, I noticed that the tags
were still on… I had paid almost fifty dollars
for a garment I never wore.

SO, there's another item for the flea market.


Sheila said...

It's such a gorgeous piece! What a shame that it languished for so long! I always put my new/new-to-me clothes aside in my closet and build outfits for them immediately. That way, I can quickly decide after a full day's wear whether it needs to stay or go.

You're inspirational, the way you are going through your closet! Great work!

Mica T said...

It's a shame it never got worn much! I was the same though, I'd buy things because I didn't want to 'miss out' and then they'd sit unworn with tags on and get buried in my wardrobe. It doesn't help that every now and then I'd make an impulse purchase that was a great wardrobe piece and that I wore a lot, so it made it harder to say no to every impulse purchase!

I think the new rule I have of wearing things twice in a month after buying them has worked quite well, so I'm actually buying things I will wear and not just leaving them to uncover in a wardrobe detox later!