Just bad

The truth is I should not have posted this outfit.

Blue trousers Jones New York - Burgundy blouse Caramel - 
Black pumps Moleca - Black bag Michael Kors - Grey blazer Rampage 

I thought it looked okay in the mirror
but when I downloaded the pictures... it was bad.
So bad, I am getting rid if the blouse and I
am just grateful I did not run into anyone..


A Very Sweet Blog said...

LOL Lorena! HaHaHa

Mica said...

It is a pretty bouse, a lovely colour! Just doesn't look the best with those pants and that jacket.

I post all my outfits, even my outfit fails too. I think it helps to get more ideas for how I could improve an outfit, or exactly what's wrong with it...and having it there as a reference means I won't repeat it haha! Your outfit doesn't look that bad compared to some of my fails!

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