Summer jobs ..

 While in high school I use to work
for summer vacations. 

Jeans Zara - Yellow neon top Fiory - Silk on shoes flats - Bag Kate Spade
My first summer job was in human resources.
Part of the job was printing pay checks.
My favourite part of it all was the coffee break, 
they made some mean cornbread muffins...

The next summer I went on to work at a boutique.
There I would do the store windows, wrap presents, 
organise the displays.. it was quite fun. 

I cannot complain.
On the other hand, I had a friend who worked the
entire summer in a cemetery.

What was your best summer job ever ?


Shybiker said...

My favorite job of all time was when I worked in a cheese shop. I was young and poor, so I'd go in hungry and eat about four pounds of cheese during work. (We were allowed to sample so we could learn how to describe the many varieties to customers.)

lorenabr said...

I never had actually a summer job. Growing up in Romania, back then our school was never really over. We used to get tones of homework to deal with over the summer break. At uni I had my first job that I enjoyed a lot. I started in a fashion company and fashion never let go of me. LOL
Love the outfit!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

haha! my first job was with some detectives at a police station. they were SO COOL. i did nothing hardly! LOL the next was at a wedding boutique. it was fun. love your outfit lorena. that top is so pretty and i love your necklaces.

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I spent one of my summers working in a summer camp with kids. Went with my best friend for two months and now treasure it as one of my dearest memories. x

Mica said...

Love the bright neon colours in your outfit and accessories! :)

I never really had a summer job! I did work at a theme park year round, but it was busiest at summer :)

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

I never had 'summer' jobs, I kept mine through the school year, and only had one while I was in school, as a server at a retirement center. Actually wasn't too bad... got to eat all the ice-cream I wanted and since most of the staff was high school students and their siblings (my brother included) I had fun most of the time.

All my other jobs have been office jobs. I don't have a very interesting resume.

Oranges and Apples said...

I hated all the summer jobs I had while I was a student - waitressing, and some boring admin one where there was never enough to do and the hours would just drag. Probably my favourite was receptionist.