Prep time

I had a really important meeting today.

Black button down shirt - Printed skirt self made -
Black suede shoes Moleca - Black bag Michael Kors 
I was concerned about everything being 
ready, however I had not materialised it…
it was all in my head.

It was all I could think of for weeks.
So, in my head - I was prepared.
Late last night my ideas finally came together, 
a master plan was born and I made it happen
as I was finished all I could ask myself was
"Why are you such a procrastinator?"


Kim Alston said...

I do the exact same thing lorena! HaHaHa Everything comes together at the end. We're both lucky. Love your outfit.

Mica T said...

At least it all came together in the end after you procrastinated a little! :)

That is such a pretty skirt too, so nice and colourful and cheerful! :)

Away From The Blue

Jane Droll said...

that skirt is FABULOUS!!!! i love love love it!!!

i am a big procrastinator. rarely does it work in my favor, but sometimes i just seem to do it no matter what the consequences. then again, sometimes i just want to get things done and over with, and that is a much better approach.