Prep time

I had a really important meeting today.

Black button down shirt - Printed skirt self made -
Black suede shoes Moleca - Black bag Michael Kors 
I was concerned about everything being 
ready, however I had not materialised it…
it was all in my head.

It was all I could think of for weeks.
So, in my head - I was prepared.
Late last night my ideas finally came together, 
a master plan was born and I made it happen
as I was finished all I could ask myself was
"Why are you such a procrastinator?"


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I do the exact same thing lorena! HaHaHa Everything comes together at the end. We're both lucky. Love your outfit.

Mica said...

At least it all came together in the end after you procrastinated a little! :)

That is such a pretty skirt too, so nice and colourful and cheerful! :)

Away From The Blue

drollgirl said...

that skirt is FABULOUS!!!! i love love love it!!!

i am a big procrastinator. rarely does it work in my favor, but sometimes i just seem to do it no matter what the consequences. then again, sometimes i just want to get things done and over with, and that is a much better approach.