Shopping in February

In the month of February a few things 
went in the closet.
An interesting mix of thrift,
crafts market and online shopping.

First runner up was this white linen Portsaid dress, thrifted for 3.00 USD.

Online I purchased these white pearl like sunglasses from Kate Spade 
for 96.00 USD (shipping included).

On a crafts market I picked up these brown Habaneras sandals
for the sum of 18.00 USD.

On the same market I got a butter knife - turned bracelet for 7.00 USD

.. and the matching fish fork bracelet for another 7.00 USD.

Of course I could not avoid picking up 
two hand made straw hats - the small one for 5.00 USD
and the other for 9.00 USD.

Giving me a february total of 145.00 USD.

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Chronically Vintage said...

Oh my word, those sunglasses are sooo timelessly gorgeous!!! I have a great pair (of plastic tortoise shell looking DKNY ones) myself already or else I'd be super tempted to invest in the very same ones as well (heck, I'm tempted either way! :D).

Lovely new finds one and all!

♥ Jessica