My February Closet Edits

Another closet edit.
Here's what's out in February.

My Pretty Good brand dress.

Grey NYC Collection dress, I love the dress but I must admit its 
really short - worn at least 4 times on the blog - it's time to go.

Purple top, no brand.
I have no idea how this top escaped all
monthly closet edits.

A Forever 21 degrade top and my Zara scarf print top.
Originally these were not going to be given away,
however I found myself in a situation where a person
was in need.

The same for this black top, I gave it away
because someone else could make way better use of it.

This brown and green top by Jonathan Martin was
ill fitting and rarely worn.

Pink Talbots printed button down shirt.
It was a hand me down that was always a little big.

Gold gladiator sandals by Follies, I must
have them since about 2010, yet only have record 
of wearing them about 3 times.
I always felt a little like a Roman soldier in them.

Black Jessica Simpson flats, purchased December 2013 on sale
for 19.99 USD, worn 20 times - got me a good cost per wear.

Black Geox flats, a bad investment - even on sale.

Wild girl flats, also purchased in December 2013 for 2.99 USD.
Wore them about 4 times and then they fell apart.

The extra large pearl hoops were a purchase from a 
while ago, I never really wore them and also decided to
give them to someone who might wear them more than I.

My yellow Tous bear earrings.
I wore them a few days ago and during the day catches a 
glimpse of them on the mirror and automatically thought 
"I'm giving these away!"

My bronze H&M wrap belt. worn during 2011-2012.
Worst quality ever, it literally just fell apart.
Here's what it looked like when new:

Also in the bag, my brown stretch belt, worn at least 4 times.
The metal darkened and the plastic began to peel off.

Also gone is my brown Liz Claiborne wallet.
A couple of days ago I glanced at it and noted
it was in really bad shape.

One last thing not pictured, another set of pjs.

In February, 18 items less.


Sheila said...

All good edits! I will keep an eye out for a metallic obi belt for you in leather! It will last way longer. I have seen them in the thrift stores up here. :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

I instantly recognized some of these pieces, especially the (short) grey dress and uber darling teddy bear earrings that you just posted a few days ago. They're super sweet and adorable, but if you're not feeling them, no sense in holding on.

Your ability to so diligently prune your closet is a perpetually reminder and source of inspiration to me when my own (teeny-tiny) closet starts to bulge.

♥ Jessica