Brown suede skirt

This brown suede skirt was probably purchased sometime
during 2012, oddly I have no record of it.

Long brown suede skirt Creations - White button down shirt Forever 21
I've worn it a few times.

Brown stretch belt - Gold flats Nine West - Grey bag 
I love the softness of the fabric and the colour but
its a little tight and its very difficult for me to 
put together an outfit I like with it.

So this is yet another item going in the giveaway pile.

Here's how its been worn before:

2.2.15                                                4.4.12


I've seen several beautiful looks on the 2015 runways that include
maxi skirts, however they won't be in my runway.


Mica said...

Aaah I love maxi skirts! I think this looks great on you! Especially that last outfit! :)

But it's you wearing the skirt and not me, so it makes sense to get rid of it if you aren't feeling comfortable in it :)

Away From The Blue

Chronically Vintage said...

Maxi skirts are interesting fashion critters. They span the spectrum from looking everything from frumpy to sexy, but so often just seem hard to put together an outfit around, especially if you're not going for a mega 1960s/70s and/or moden boho look. I think all the ways you styled this brown skirt were lovely and far more fashionable than frumpy (big time), but must say as someone who only owns one or two anywhere near that long myself, I can fully understand your desire to part with it.

♥ Jessica