Cars and I

I once confused a Mitsubishi with a Lexus.

That should tell you how much I know
about cars.

For me a car is  just a means of transport. 

NYDJ jeans  - Pink sweater Daisy Fuentes - Printed flower scarf H&M
If its nice, well its an added bonus.

Now, if you add the word vintage to it … it becomes an automobile!
and you have my full attention.

The opportunity at riding one of these beauties was something 
I've wanted to do for a long time.

My plans also included driving it, however that will be for next time.
I could not convince the car owner...


Shybiker said...

I'm also not a car-guy since I like motorcycles so much, but vintage automobiles have style. I love the ones with big fins and lots of chrome.

Mica said...

Wow, these are beautiful cars! :)

I'm so not a car person either, but I do admire vintage cars. Something about the styling, they are always so pretty! You don't see that in modern cars really.

I will definitely keep you in mind if I'm thinking of parting with any of my bags, haha! I'll be sure to post on the blog if I put them on ebay :)

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