I had a really weird encounter a few days back.

White mini skirt Calvin Klein - Pink tank top Zara - Turquoise tank top Septima 
I was taking some pictures and this young guy comes up 
and starts talking to me about situations I am confronting
and my future.
First of all I was really surprised then, when he began
getting 95% of things right I just got spooked.
His name was Milton and he said he was "enlightened".

Have you ever been approached like this ?

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Witchcrafted Life said...

Wow, that would be a bit unnerving for sure. Granted, he was likely just using cold reading techniques, but still...

I've never had anything like myself, but I will never, so long as I live, forget the time when I was little (nine years old, I think) and we went into a small candy shop here in town. We'd never been in before, I'm sure of that, and we didn't know the owner. She was an older woman with a serious air about her and when we walked in she looked at my mom and said "Hi Lynn" (my mom's name is Lynn). The two had never met and this was way before social media (which my mom isn't on anyhow), so I can only guess at how that woman knew her name (she was just with me and my siblings and we wouldn't have used her real name, so the woman couldn't have learned it from us). I suspect she saw my mom somewhere in town and overheard her name, memorized it and then mom just happened to cross her path again. Still, it was pretty cool - like a parlor trick of sorts - to me as a kid. :)

♥ Jessica