Conference call

Due to a special project in my markets I
have been on conference calls every other week.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans - Da Moda animal print top -
Roberto Cavalli black bag - BCBG black wedges - Prada Baroque sunglasses
These are usually in the mornings and take up at least an hour.

I am always at my desk before the conference begins,
so I am never late (hate late).

I have all the documents I need with me in case
anything needs to be double checked.

Paper and pen for taking notes...

However, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate due to
the construction of the subway nearby, there is a detour and
now the street my work place is at has become a crazy
crowded avenue.

So, as I sit there taking notes, ambulances with their sirens turned on rush by,
a dozen harley motorcycles pass and two taxis crash into each other
and one driver shouts and the other threatens him with a crow bar.
Yes, all of this is happening while I'm at the conference call. 


LyddieGal said...

that sounds nuts - i hope the rest of the people on the can't really hear it.
love the white and leopard, always a good classic combo!

Cool Vanity said...

Que camiseta más chula. Bsinos.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Every distraction possible happens on a conference call! HaHa Love your top Lorena!

Closet Fashionista said...

Hello cheetah print blouse :)
And oyy that sounds really annoying! they need to keep it down, ha ha